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Buying Outriggers for Sale

Outriggers are types of forklifts that enable a person to reach and move objects that he would not be normally able to reach. These forklifts, also known as extended reach forklifts, are typically stand up forklifts that provide a scissors like mechanism to move the mask and forks forward, beyond the body of the lift. These forklifts require specialized training to drive, although this training is typically done in the shop or warehouse where they are being used. These are not forklifts to be used outside. These forklifts should also not be used on ramps or in trailers. The improper use of these machines can cause damage to the stability legs and damage to the forklift. No untrained personnel should be allowed to drive the forklift.

The outrigger forklift is generally very expensive when purchasing them new. They do last for a long time, so it is not uncommon for businesses to look for outriggers for sale from other companies and purchase these used machines. Outriggers for sale does not necessarily mean that the outrigger is damaged, but rather the company is making improvements to the warehouse and no longer requires that specific style of outriggers. In addition, many companies have decided to purchase new outriggers that feature additional safety equipments such as tilt corrections and gyroscopes to prevent tipping.

Outriggers are not typically sold in the local news paper. Often there is not enough need in the local markets for the outriggers to be effectively sold in this method. Most outriggers for sale are advertised in warehouse industry magazines. The manufacturer of the outriggers may also offer their outriggers for sale through this method. The manufacturer may also offer to perform maintenance on certain outriggers and ensure that the outrigger is in good condition before it is purchased. Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on the outriggers that is fully transferable. Crown Forklift Industries is known for these types of warranties.

If the outrigger being purchased has been used in non-authorized manners, it is important that this is determined before purchase of the machine. The lifetime warranties on outriggers that have been altered or used inappropriately may not be in effect. A visual and functional test should be conducted when investigating outriggers for sale. Most sales are final and therefore care should be taken before purchase. This is one of the reasons that manufacturers are often willing to inspect the outrigger before another company purchases.

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